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We Sent The Dapper Dans Deliver A ‘Singing Villaintine’ to the Haunted Mansion

Discussion in 'Official Disney Parks News' started by Disney Newsboy, Feb 13, 2018.

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    Today, February 13, is Villaintine’s Day here on the Disney Parks Blog, the day we celebrate all Disney villains and the fun they add to Disney films or attractions – and no attraction houses more “creepy creeps” who “pretend to terrorize” than the Haunted Mansion.

    When were making plans on how to celebrate Villaintine’s Day here on the Disney Parks Blog this year, one question came to mind – what would happen if we sent the cheerful, happy-go-lucky Dapper Dans quartet from Main Street, U.S.A., to deliver a Singing Valentine to none other than Master Gracey at the Haunted Mansion?

    Check out the video above to watch as the Dapper Dans’ “vocalize” their Singing Valentine into a Singing Villaintine.

    Happy Villaintine’s Day, all!


    Source: Disney Parks Blog

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