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Walt Disney World resorts now accepting dogs

Discussion in 'Walt Disney World' started by Boricuany8, Oct 17, 2017.

  1. Boricuany8

    Boricuany8 New Member

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    just wanted to know what are your opinion on Disney letting dogs in certain resorts.
  2. PNP Thom

    PNP Thom PNP Ghost Host Staff Member

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    I can see both sides of it.

    On one hand, it would be nice to bring your dogs if you're a dog lover.

    But on the other hand... not every one is a dog lover. And having a bunch of dogs on property could lead to some issues for dog-free visitors. I mean, I don't want my kids stepping in poop on their way to the pool, do you? I also wouldn't want a room that had dogs in it previously for fear of fleas.

    All it's going to take to end this are a few complaints. Hopefully no one gets bitten.

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