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Walt Disney World Monorail Malfunction Leaves Door Open While in Motion

Discussion in 'Latest News and Rumors' started by Disney Newsboy, Jan 9, 2018.

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    A couple of days ago someone on Instagram posted a video of their monorail (Monorail red) leaving the Transportation and Ticket Center Station with the door open. In the video you can seea guest try and get the driver’s attention by waving out the opening.

    I need a drink. @disney, guys, you gotta get on this, what if somebody had fallen?

    A post shared by abbieprimeknits (@abbieprimeknits) on Jan 6, 2018 at 7:56am PST

    The person who made the video indicated they had thought the doors were fixed before they left, but they reopened.

    “It was not closing at TTC. Maintenance was called and worked on it for about 10 minutes and forced it to lock. When we reached the first curve upon leaving TTC it opened and remained so.”

    What to do if your monorail car has an emergency.

    This is where the emergency phone can be found in each monorail car.

    For your safety, and the safety of others, please take note. There is an emergency phone behind one of the sets of seats in the car. It will connect you directly to the engineer. If you have an issue please use that method to gain assistance. Do not stick your hands out of any opening. Stay seated and stay away from any danger. They will get help to you as soon as possible.

    Maybe it’s time for new monorails?

    The monorails are something they really should consider replacing. They keep having issues.

    We had first hand experience last year when Monorail Blue sparked, smoked, and had the power cut. We were stuck up there for about 45 mins, without air condition, till we could be towed back to the station. It was very hot.

    I will give complete credit to our engineer and the Disney transportation cast members. They were amazing. Emergency personnel was there when we were released from the cars and they had water and help ready in case anyone needed it. The response was very efficient and appropriate. So if you have an issue, don’t panic, they are on it and they will be ready with any help you need.

    The incidents are not common, but there does seem to be an increase in Monorail “issues.”

    The interiors are dated and some have complained that they smell.

    The windows that should open for ventilation don’t always open, as we discovered on Monorail Blue. In general they just need replaced.

    Hoping that is something they will consider moving forward, maybe for the 50th Anniversary?

    In the meantime make sure you stay clear of the doors and safely inside. If you are traveling with children keep them away from the doors and safely with you.

    If you are on a monorail that has an issue like this one did, don’t panic, grab the phone and let the engineer know immediately.

    What do you think? Comment and let us know!

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    It’s funny how they just sat there and recorded it while it was open. Someone could have been close to it and fallen out
  3. DisneyDude71

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    It doesn't look as if it was a fully loaded car. It seems that there where enough level headed adults on there to keep children away from the door. If they would have used the phone and called the engineer, they most likely would have been stuck mid air in the car till they got all the evac equipment there. And who knows if they would have just evacuated that car or all the cars. Yes maintnence did screw up by letting that car get loaded. It should have been out of service. Luckily no one got hurt. No harm no foul.

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