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Walt Disney World Minnie Van Lyft Drivers Can Now Join the Union

Discussion in 'Latest News and Rumors' started by Disney Newsboy, May 15, 2018.

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    Good news if you’re a Minnie Van driver working in Walt Disney World — you can join the union.

    According to a ruling, Lyft drivers who drive the Minnie Vans are technically Disney employees and can now retroactively join the union per a 2014 contract.

    From CNN…

    Disney had opposed the inclusion of the Lyft drivers, according to the ruling, because the original, five-year contract waived the right to include any workers not mentioned at the time of its forming.

    But the Teamsters had argued that the Lyft drivers were basically doing the same job as the other workers included in the Service Trade Council Union, according to the ruling. The drivers are known as “ride service associates.”

    Neither Disney nor the Union commented on the ruling.

    Disney’s Minnie Van service launched last Fall in conjunction with Lyft and has been a hit with park Guests.

    For a flat fee, Minnie Vans will take you anywhere you want to go on Disney property, bypassing those time-consuming bus rides.

    [Source: CNN]

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