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Tiffins... Tiffins... Tiffins... Tiffins... Oh how I love thee...

Discussion in 'Disney Food and Dining' started by Corks627, Feb 26, 2017.

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    You know those meals, the ones where you finish and you make that sigh of contentment. You lean back in your chair and ask yourself how is any other meal ever going to compare... Well after eating at Tiffins in February 2017, that's exactly how I felt! After a trip to the savannah on a sunset safari, my husband and I bid adieu to my parents and the kiddo. They set off for Flame Tree Barbecue and went to Tiffins.

    We scheduled a 6:05pm ADR, and arrived at the restaurant around 6:10pm. We were greeted by three friendly cast members at the front desk, who handed us a pager and suggested we head to the Nomad Lounge to wait until our table was ready. Having studied before our trip, I knew I wanted one of those cozy spots on the back porch. We found a pair of chairs and settled in - which meant staring across the water at Pandora - they were testing some lighting on this evening, and the woods had a pleasant glow. A bartender came by and offered us drinks, but we declined stating we were waiting for a table at Tiffins. It was a beautiful evening, and we probably would have been content sitting on that porch with drinks and small plates, but we knew something even better was waiting inside. The pager buzzed and it was time for us to begin our culinary adventure!

    The hostess greeted us and led us to the Grand Gallery (this is the main dining area inside the restaurant). She explained the significance of the totem poles and shared some details about the theming and art. The room is stunning! We were seated and our server came over, introduced himself, and went over the menu. His name was Mike D. and he was one of the best servers we have ever encountered. He was quick witted and his recommendations were on point (but more on that later). He started with our drink orders - my husband had a rum and coke and I was going to stick with water, but clearly my southern drawl indicated to Mike that I needed tea - sweet tea. He said that their tea was the best on property - I took the bait and ordered. That tea was like nothing I have ever had. According to Mike, they brew it themselves ("its not that machine tea") and it has subtle hints of fruit. Almost as good as the tea, was the tiny pot of simple syrup he brought with it that was laced with vanilla beans. If I had been in the privacy of my own home, I may or may not have just drank the simple syrup. Paired with the tea, it was the perfect combination. Thank goodness for free refills.

    Mike started off with recommending the octopus appetizer. We trusted him and started with the octopus and the selection of artisanal cheeses. The octopus was outside of our box, in all my years, I have never had octopus, to say I was worried is an understatement.
    I describe myself as a "formerly finicky eater" and when this showed up I very seriously questioned our choice. I was so wrong. I have never eaten anything like this in my life. I was expecting something slimy and sticky, but it wasn't at all. The octopus had a very similar texture to shrimp. It was lightly grilled and skillfully plated with a slight citrus flavor. The sauce was creamy, and nicely balanced the salty capers. Minus the olive, we pretty much licked the plate.

    We dug into the cheese plate next. We had sampled a cheese plate the previous night at Artist's Point (which was also exceptional) but Tiffins was a little more exotic. The cheese at the top was a feta (either goat or sheep - I can't remember), going clockwise was a blue cheese, a gouda and then a soft creamy brie. The portions were healthy, and there was plenty of toast, almonds, and dates to share. Cheese plates are always so fun to share and make for a great date night appetizer.

    You'll have to forgive me, because I was so excited when our entree came out, that I forgot to take a pic! Oops! Mike recommended the Wagyu Beef Strip Loin and Braised Short Rib. With the entree the brought out an extra plate to make sharing easier (we didn't even have to ask). I immediately panicked because there was no knife and no one was near by to ask for one. Ha - so silly. I didn't need a knife - heck I probably didn't need a fork, the meat was so tender. The Wagyu Beef was delicious (because why wouldn't it be) but the real star of the dish, was the braised short rib. Oh my goodness - it was flavorful and melted like butter in your mouth. The meal was difficult to share - because everything was so good, neither of us wanted to give any of it up! It came with rainbow carrot and purple potatoes, which were also excellent, but did play second fiddle to the beef.

    After we had licked the plate clean, Mike came back with more drinks and a dessert menu. I voted no to dessert as I was stuffed, but my husband decided to go with Mike's recommendation and ordered the lime cheesecake. I hate cheesecake - but when Mike showed up with 2 spoons and dared me to try it, I just had to.
    This cheesecake - what can I say about this cheesecake. It didn't taste like cheesecake. It was light, airy, fluffy and best of all, didn't taste like I was eating a solid block of cream cheese. However, better than that, was the green tea sponge cake and crumbles on top. Holy moly. Never in my life did I think that green tea mixed with cheesecake made any sense. It was pure culinary genius. I ate half, and when Mike returned, he and my husband had a good laugh at me for my inability to resist the pure deliciousness.

    Tiffins was a home run! My husband and I both agree that its one of the best meals we've had in our entire lives - like top 10 EVER. The combination of phenomenal service, the atmosphere and the food made for a perfect date night. When we exited the restaurant it was around 7:30pm. Animal Kingdom was "closed" but we got to watch one of the shows on the tree of life. There were maybe 15 other people standing at the base of the tree with us watching. Walking out of Animal Kingdom, it felt like we were the only people in the park, and was truly a magical experience!

    Tiffins... Tiffins... Tiffins... Tiffins...Tiffins... How I love thee...
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