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The Last Jedi: Millennium Falcon Spotted on Google Maps

Discussion in 'Latest News and Rumors' started by Disney Newsboy, Nov 10, 2017.

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    Nice try, Disney. But you don’t know the power of Google.

    Eagle-eyed fans have spotted the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars: The Last Jedi sitting out in the open on Google Maps. Lucasfilm had tried to hide the massive prop with shipping containers, but no one can hide from Google’s prying eyes, not even Force users.

    Hey, at least we know for certain it’s not CGI.

    From Mashable

    In an attempt to shield the beloved Millennium Falcon from peering eyes on the M3, it appears that Disney used a bunch of shipping containers located across the motorway from Longcross Studios, a production location outside London. The problem? the craft is clearly visible on Google Maps.

    via GIPHY

    The Falcon was first spotted back in June, but the story has resurfaced this week as eager fans scour the internet for The Last Jedi spoilers.

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi opens on December 15, 2017.

    (Hat Tip: Tristan Pratt, who found this on reddit.)

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