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Simple Change to Jewelry Packaging Makes Gift Giving Easy at Disney Parks

Discussion in 'Official Disney Parks News' started by Disney Newsboy, Feb 14, 2018.

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    Have you ever found the perfect item for a loved one only to realize you need a way to present it? The jewelry team at Disney Parks Merchandise recently introduced a solution to this gifting dilemma by making a simple packaging change.


    “When designing products, we continually look for ways to enhance our guests’ shopping experience,” says jewelry merchandiser Clay Chaffin. “We began placing jewelry on removable cards and attaching those cards to miniature gift bags. This change improved in-store displays by making products easier to showcase by story, and, more importantly, it gave guests a simple yet elegant way to gift Disney jewelry. The response has been great!”


    The new one-stop packaging design features decorative jewelry cards attached by removable bows or clasps to the outside of gift bags. Once detached, cards can be easily placed inside bags adorned with Disney artwork making instant packaged gifts.


    The jewelry team launched several new collections created especially at Disney Parks to include these reusable gift bags.

    “We wanted to tell a story with each collection so they look visually connected when displayed in stores,” continued Clay. “Necklaces, bracelets, and earrings were inspired by Disney characters or icons from Disney Parks that our guests love. ”

    Covered in polka dots, the “Dots & Dashes” collection celebrates the best of Minnie and Mickey Mouse. The “Kingdoms & Castles” collection salutes Disney Princesses or animated classics like Walt Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland” or “Peter Pan.” Popular Disney Villains and delightfully fun attractions like the Haunted Mansion are found in the “Magic & Mischief” collection.

    Guests will find these items in select merchandise locations at Disneyland or Walt Disney World Resorts.


    Source: Disney Parks Blog

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