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RUMOR – Will Disney World Charge Resort Fees in Addition to Hotel Parking Fees?

Discussion in 'Latest News and Rumors' started by Disney Newsboy, Mar 16, 2018.

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    After announcing the addition of overnight parking fees earlier this week, could another upcharge be on the way for guests staying at a Walt Disney World resort hotel?

    Disney confirmed the long rumored parking charges this week, but there was another rumored fee that hasn’t surfaced… yet.

    Resort fees.

    From our original article last year…

    According to the rumor, Disney has been contemplating the addition of a daily parking fee to guests staying at their resorts on top of room rates, as well as a “resort fee.” For those unfamiliar with resort fees, they’re fees tacked on to guests’ hotel bills separate from the actual quoted room rate, essentially inflating the guest’s quoted nightly rate in a manner that some consumer advocates deem dubious.

    With ticket price hikes raising the ire of guests, failed “premium” experiences landing with a thud and general grumbling from many corners of the internet concerning all of the recent upcharges, this move wouldn’t surprise me. But I can’t say it’s advisable given the economy and fierceness of the competition across town.

    Given that the parking rumor came true, could Disney be planning to announce the addition of resort fees at a later date?

    Let’s hope not, as the feedback on the parking charges has been very, very negative.

    Stay tuned to The Kingdom Insider for news on upcoming price increases at Walt Disney World.

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