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RUMOR – ‘Sweet Spells’ in Disney’s Hollywood Studios to Become Toy Story Shop

Discussion in 'Latest News and Rumors' started by Disney Newsboy, Jan 28, 2018.

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    Is a popular snack spot in Hollywood Studios destined to be closed forever to make room for more Toy Story?

    It’s being rumored that Sweet Spells on Sunset Boulevard may close in February to make room for a Toy Story merchandise location. The word is that Toy Story Land won’t have room for an actual retail store, so Sweet Spells will be sacrificed to make room for more Buzz and Woody merchandise than could ever fit in Andy’s toy box.

    Reel Vogue will apparently stay put, but possibly be renamed once again (It was known as Villains Vogue until 2015.)

    Sweet Spells currently sells a variety of baked goods, including the popular carrot cake cookie. Should Sweet Spells be re-themed, it’s likely many of the treats currently available there will be relocated to other stores across the park.

    Again, this is just a rumor and nothing official has come down from Disney yet. However, as Hollywood Studios continues its massive makeover, its likely that we will see more and more shops, restaurants and entertainment options change to fit the new theme.

    [Source: WDW News Today]

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