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Princess Half Maraton weekend - just awesome!!

Discussion in 'runDisney' started by runDisneydirect, Feb 27, 2017.

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    Well we just got home from what I can only describe as "an awesome weekend". The runDisney Princess event was incredible from start to finish! We began at the Expo and couldn't believe all the vendors and merchandise that was available. After leaving the Expo, and it being a bit late in the evening, we were anxious to grab a bite and go to bed making the 3:00am wake up a bit easier.

    That alarm went off and we were off to the 10K event! We jumped on the bus at our resort and got dropped off at Epcot where we couldn't believe ours eyes!! The costumes ranged from exquisite, unbelievable and simply hysterical!! Before we knew it the fireworks went off and so did we, we were participating in our first Princess event.

    The weather was awesome the course and details were incredible but to sum it all up in one word...UNBELIEVABLE!
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