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One for All: A Florida Cup Challenge

Discussion in 'Official Universal Studios News' started by Disney Newsboy, Dec 14, 2017.

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    If you are a true soccer fan, then you know that loyalty (and great passion) for your team is a must. It’s not only a game, it’s something you live and breathe, it’s part of your life. And usually, the family team it’s hereditary…as a child, your parents will tell you who to route for, and you will automatically become a super fan of that team.

    However, sometimes, it doesn’t quite work that way. And as you can imagine, having a family member that routes for the opposite team can be challenging and at certain times, even create a little tension.

    For Corinthians (club team from Sao Paulo) and Fluminense (from Rio de Janeiro) fans this is no different. Next January, both teams will be competing at the Florida Cup international tournament, and to continue celebrating our partnership with them, we challenged two dads to follow the team their children support for just one game. The reward? A surprise trip to Universal Orlando Resort in January, and the opportunity to watch their teams at the Florida Cup matches.

    The results were surprising. Would they agree to wear the opposite team’s jersey? Take a look at the videos below to find out.

    The Florida Cup will take place from January 10-20 in Orlando, and Universal Orlando will be hosting fans during the Fan Fest in Universal Studios Florida.

    Vacation packages including theme park admission, hotel accommodations and game tickets are now available. For more information, click here.

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