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No characters at the Tinkerbell 5K and 10K this weekend!

Discussion in 'runDisney' started by Jazzygirl72, May 13, 2017.

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    Many Facebook groups were on fire yesterday after people found out that there would be no characters during the 5 and 10K races in Disneyland this weekend. I can't say I disagree. One of the reasons that people run at Disney is for the uniqueness of it. And that includes the characters you see along the way. There was also a rumor that there would be only 3 during the Half. This would make it very difficult to keep a good time and meet characters since the lines will be long.
    I searched and couldn't find anything official from Disney about this. I really hope that this is not permanent. Disney will lose a lot of runners. It already costs more than a normal race to register.
    And it wouldn't make sense for races that are themed after characters, such as the Princess Half Marathon weekend.
    There's already been complaints over the past year about overcrowding during the runs. This could be another nail in the coffin.
    I'm doing the Princess 5K in February with colleagues and students on a group trip I'm running. The kids are looking forward to it so I hope I don't have to tell them bad news!

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