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‘Kingdom Hearts’ Characters Coming to the Disney Tsum Tsum App?

Discussion in 'Disney Tsum Tsum' started by TDAdmin, Mar 31, 2017.

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    Kingdom Hearts characters are coming to the Japanese version of the LINE Disney Tsum Tsum game. Pictures have surfaced on Facebook of an upcoming event called Fantasmic. Presumably named after the popular nighttime show of the same title, this event features characters like Sorcerer Mickey, Hercules, Hades, Megara and Prince Phillip.

    The biggest surprise is that the event includes two characters from the popular Kingdom Hearts franchise — Sora and Riku. Whether or not this event or these characters make it to the international version remains to be seen, but it would be incredibly exciting if they did!

    'Kingdom Hearts' Characters Coming to the Disney Tsum Tsum App? | The Kingdom Insider

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