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Join Us in Honoring the Courage and Bravery of Our Veterans

Discussion in 'Official Universal Studios News' started by Disney Newsboy, Nov 11, 2017.

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    On Thursday, Nov. 9, Universal Studios Florida honored our courageous military with the 11th Annual Veterans Day Parade. The parade is an extraordinary gathering of Team Members who have served in various ways across Armed Forces, are Retired or in Reserve Units. Joining in the fun to honor hometown heroes were various Military Support Organizations, Color Guards, Active Military and JROTC Drill Teams. They came together to express what red, white and blue means to them.


    Among the brave leaders who marched in the parade was World War II veteran George Budlong. He recently celebrated his 90th birthday and has spent the past 16 years working in Finance at Universal Orlando Resort.

    Budlong is the oldest veteran working at Universal Orlando and he loves every second of it. He shared at the Veterans Luncheon, “We’re all veterans in one way or another, and I appreciate the opportunity I have to be working at Universal.”

    He originally began his journey with Universal Orlando after enjoying a career for 50 years in Banking and Finance. With his work experience and spirit to serve, George became a part of the Revenue Accounting team. His experience helping others and working with numbers started out when he was an Army Statistician in Germany during World War II. George has continued to connect with people along the way, being an active member in Universal Orlando’s Veteran’s Network, one of our seven Diverse Team Member Resource Groups.


    He shared that at 90 years young, what inspires him to come to work each day. “Work keeps me going. I recommend it to anybody. I’ve retired about three times now, and I always come back to work.”

    Honor our veterans every day by saying thank you. Next time you visit Universal Orlando, keep an eye out for distinguished Team Members wearing a special “U.S. Military Veteran” designation on their nametag.

    Universal Orlando offers specially priced tickets to active duty, retired military and Department of Defense personnel. We encourage all military guests to visit our military website to learn more.

    Thank you to the military families that visit our resort from around the world, you are the true heroes, because we know, courage is Universal!

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