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Here’s a Sneak Peek at the Food and Merch Coming to Pixar Fest at Disneyland Resort

Discussion in 'Official Disney Parks News' started by Disney Newsboy, Mar 9, 2018.

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    Pixar Fest is a celebration of everything we love about Disney•Pixar at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. That includes, first and foremost, the limited-time food, beverages, and merch coming to Disneyland Resort! Today, we have a sneak peek of the goods we can look forward to when Pixar Fest kicks off on April 13 until September 3.

    Here’s a preview of the tasty treats you’ll find at Pixar Fest, inspired by none other than our beloved Disney•Pixar pals:

    Finding Dory

    First off, let’s just take a moment to appreciate this adorable baby Dory-shaped dessert. We wouldn’t have the heart to eat it!

    Toy Story

    We love all of these Toy Story treats to infinity and beyond, especially these super cute Alien macarons:

    • Boot Beer Root Beer Float served in a Souvenir Woody’s Boot from Golden Horseshoe, Disneyland
    • Jessie’s Berry Jubilee Funnel Cake from Golden Horseshoe, Disneyland
    • Lots-o’-Straw-“Bear”-y Funnel Cake from Hungry Bear Restaurant, Disneyland[​IMG][​IMG]
    • Lots-o’-Straw-“Bear”-y Churro from Tomorrowland, Disneyland

    We can’t wait to try these UP-inspired desserts:

    • Fried-ricksen Bologna Sandwich from Carnation Café, Disneyland
    • Fredrickson TV Diner from Carnation Café, Disneyland
    • UP Merit Badge Éclair from Jolly Holiday Bakery Café, Disneyland
    • UP-Tart – Nutella Pop Tart Chocolate Fredrickson House & Balloons from Cappuccino Cart, Disneyland

    Monsters, Inc.

    We love us some Disney Parks desserts, especially when it’s inspired by awesome Disney•Pixar characters. Since we’re going to gobble up these treats in no time, good thing there will be new merch for souvenirs—like this cute embroidered cap—which we want to take home ASAP:[​IMG]The 2018 Pixar Fest logo will also be featured on tees—including Woody, Buzz, Mike, and Sulley—and a limited release pin:[​IMG]In addition, Loungefly is coming out with a special Pixar Fest leather tote to carry all our Disney Parks essentials! Last but not least, we need to bring home a Pixar Fest tumbler, which features an illuminated claw from Toy Story reaching down for an adorable Alien. Now that’s something we can sip on!

    Stay tuned to see what else is in store for us when Pixar Fest begins April 13!

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