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Happily Ever After

Discussion in 'Walt Disney World' started by Jazzygirl72, May 13, 2017.

  1. Jazzygirl72

    Jazzygirl72 Member

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    Anyone else watch the Live Stream last night? It was absolutely amazing. I know it was sad for Wishes to end, but Disney brought it to the next level with this new night time show. It was definitely time for a new show....and I don't say that lightly. I have many special memories with Wishes.
    I will probably watch it again because there SO much to see, I know I missed a lot. Then when I see it in July, I won't feel so overwhelmed trying to take it all in.
    My favorite part? The message. Disney has created a masterpiece about empowerment. That everyone can seek their happily ever after, whatever that may be. It's not about waiting on a prince anymore. It's about being brave and strong enough to believe that you can reach it and that you deserve it.
    The show pulled some older Disney movies into it, which was nice. The integration of Hercules and Hunchback fit perfectly. They also included Pixar and of course, Moana.
    The projections were more amazing than before, and they include the new side parapets next to the castle. I think Disney hit the mark on every level. :D
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  2. Boricuany8

    Boricuany8 New Member

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    I was sad to see wishes go but they did a great job with this show. Loved the projections on the castle.

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