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Going Bonkers for Honk Honkers Gourmet Cotton Candy

Discussion in 'Official Universal Studios News' started by Disney Newsboy, Jan 19, 2018.

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    Today is your day—you’re off to a scrumptious new place to play! Honk Honkers is the sweetest new edition to Seuss Landing in Universal’s Islands of Adventure. This new store contains a special treat that’s almost too cute to eat: gourmet cotton candy.

    The best part is that each sweet bundle of spun sugar is completely customizable to your heart’s desire. You’ll begin by choosing between a unicorn pop or a paper cone as your base.


    Next you pick your flavor. There are six delicious flavors to try including:

    • Blue Raspberry
    • Pink Vanilla
    • Jolly Berry
    • Apple
    • Grape
    • Birthday Cake

    Finish off your gourmet cotton candy by topping it with rock candy, sprinkles, animal crackers, marshmallow bits, chocolate bites, chocolate cookies or chocolate sprinkles.


    Come one, come all and experience the spectacle that is Honk Honkers! The new store is located next to Snookers & Snookers Sweet Candy Cookers and includes a wide variety of candy in addition to the scrumptious cotton candy.

    Will you succeed in trying the new gourmet cotton candy? Yes! You will, indeed!


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