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DVC Cost?

Discussion in 'Disney Vacation Club' started by Disneykat, Aug 25, 2017.

  1. Disneykat

    Disneykat New Member

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    Can anyone tell me on average what the cost is for a DVC? I really want to look into it but what is the monthly cost?
  2. PNP Thom

    PNP Thom PNP Ghost Host Staff Member

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    We looked into it last year and the minimum buy-in is around $18K. You really don't get many points for that, however -- enough points for about one trip. We were looking at the 150-174 pt. range, which is about two trips in a Deluxe Studio.

    Here's Disney's current pricing:
    Membership Costs & Pricing | Disney Vacation Club

    We really don't have a lot of experience with DVC, however, so I can't speak as to whether or not it's actually a good value. I know people who love it, and people who think you can get a better deal just buying a package or staying offsite.

    Anybody else?

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