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Disney’s Animal Kingdom Residents Celebrate #RockTheDots

Discussion in 'Official Disney Parks News' started by Disney Newsboy, Jan 20, 2018.

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    This week on the Disney Parks Blog we’ve been celebrating all-things Rock The Dots in honor of Minnie Mouse and National Polka Dot Day, which happens to be Monday, January 22.

    But Minnie Mouse isn’t the only member of the Disney family who “rocks” dots – several residents of Disney’s Animal Kingdom rock “dots” and other naturally beautiful patterns 365 days a year! We recently stopped by the park to see what our giraffe, African painted dogs, cheetah and more think about National Polka Dot Day.

    To learn how you can celebrate National Polka Dot Day at Disney Springs and Disney’s Hollywood Studios on Sunday, January 21, check out our previous blog posts.


    Source: Disney Parks Blog

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