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Disney Mousekeeping: No More Soap? No More Clean Sheets?

Discussion in 'Walt Disney World' started by PNP Thom, Aug 24, 2017.

  1. PNP Thom

    PNP Thom PNP Ghost Host Staff Member

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    Lots of changes coming to Mousekeeping at Disney Resorts.

    First up, there's word that Disney is dropping the Mickey soaps and shampoos and using refillable pumps instead...

    LINK: Disney Drops the Mickey Soap? | The Kingdom Insider

    ... but that might mean that some people have to go without soap?

    LINK: What Happens to Leftover or Unused Toiletries at Disney World Hotels? | The Kingdom Insider

    And now Disney is giving guests the option of not having any housekeeping done in lieu of a Disney gift card.

    LINK: Guests at Disney Value Resorts Offered $20 Gift Cards in Lieu of 'Mousekeeping'? | The Kingdom Insider

    LINK: Compensation in Lieu of Housekeeping: Not Just a "Disney" Thing! | The Kingdom Insider

    What are your thoughts? Will jobs be lost?
  2. Boricuany8

    Boricuany8 New Member

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    I feel disney is trying to cut cost of hiring more maids. If you opt out that same maid could give limited services to let’s say 20 rooms instead of giving 10 rooms the full service.
    The soap is another cutting cost measure. It probably cost more to package those small toiletries. It’s good for those with large families. My kids have lots of hair and that small shampoo bottle won’t cut it. I will miss hoarding them and taking them home as souvenirs

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