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Costume or no..

Discussion in 'runDisney' started by Barb Strait, Dec 19, 2016.

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    Running and Disney are my two hobbies, so Run Disney is my perfect storm :) I have completed the Goofy Challenge (1/2 marathon on Saturday and the full marathon on Sunday), the Lumiere 2 Course Challenge (10k on Saturday and Wine and Dine Half Marathon on Sunday). For each of the 4 races I have completed, I spent a lot of time preparing my costume. I ran all of the them with my best running friend and we created great matching themed costumes. I love seeing all of the costumes on the course and love chatting with people about them. I do not run Disney races for a PR (personal record). I run these races for the total enjoyment so I don't care about my time. I don't think I would have as much fun not wearing a costume during a Run Disney race. Has anyone run one with no costume and were you happy you didn't dress up or did you regret it once you got there? Has anyone regretted wearing one?
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