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Brian Michael Bendis: One of Marvel Comics’ Top Writers Signs Exclusive with Rival DC Comics

Discussion in 'Latest News and Rumors' started by Disney Newsboy, Nov 7, 2017.

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    Ouch! As if Marvel Comics wasn’t hurting enough, superstar Brian Michael Bendis has just signed an exclusive deal with competitor DC Comics.

    Bendis has been with Marvel for 17 years, and in that time has been responsible for some of the greatest “new classics” in Marvel’s comic book lineup. He’d also been a trusted adviser on Marvel Studios’ film projects until 2015.

    Bendis not only created Miles Morales, Jessica Jones and Riri Williams — the recent black teenage replacement for Tony Stark in the Invincible Iron Man series — but was also the man behind successful revitalizations of the Avengers and X-Men properties, and responsible for reviving the Luke Cage and Iron Fist characters and bringing them to a level of prominence where their selection as Netflix shows seemed assured. Beyond all of that, Bendis was part of the Marvel Creative Committee that acted as an advisory board to Marvel Studios’ output through 2015, with Bendis himself writing the Nick Fury post-credit scene in the first Iron Man movie. Suffice it to say, it’s almost impossible to imagine a Marvel without Bendis over the past two decades.

    Could Bendis’ exit signal even more trouble to come for the beleaguered Disney-owned comic book publisher? Bendis is arguably one of their best writers, and has been a fixture of Marvel for nearly two decades.

    However, DC Comics is absolutely dominating the comic book bestseller lists these days, and it could just be a case of a smart man with options parachuting out of a burning plane.

    Details haven’t been shared, but it certainly involved gobs of money.

    The deal is vaguely described as “multi-faceted.” In addition to writing comics, could Bendis be brought in to help do a course correction on DC’s movie universe? If one of Marvel’s top talents starts batting for the other team, what kind of damage could that potentially do to Disney’s MCU juggernaut?

    Here’s the official tweet from DC Comics earlier today.

    We’re so excited to start working with @BRIANMBENDIS! pic.twitter.com/v1tgsMaNTr

    — DC (@DCComics) November 7, 2017

    [Source: The Hollywood Reporter]

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