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5 Ways Our App Makes Your Vacation More Satisfying

Discussion in 'Official Universal Studios News' started by Disney Newsboy, Feb 6, 2018.

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    A blog post that’s simple and effective. Just like the Official Universal Orlando Resort App! Whether you’re still planning your trip or already here, our official app is the ultimate must-have. Be sure to download it for your iPhone or Android device.

    1. Virtual Wallet

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    With our app’s Virtual Wallet you can purchase and redeem park tickets, Universal Express passes and more while having them all in one convenient spot on your phone.

    DYK: You can also set up your TapuTapu wearable as a payment method when you’re in Universal’s Volcano Bay.

    2. Interactive Maps

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    Walk with a purpose with our app’s detailed Interactive Maps, allowing you to filter through all of our in-park activities and offers to help you find what you need – including restrooms.

    DYK: You can also view ride wait times, showtimes and dining venue hours.

    3. Favorites List

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    With the Favorites List on our app, you can create an itinerary with your top attractions during your stay. You can even set alerts for when those wait times are low!

    #DYK: You can make things even easier by viewing all of your itinerary items on a personal itinerary map.

    4. Parking Reminder

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    No longer do you have to play Marco-Polo with your car alarm. Our app allows you to set a parking reminder to find your car by section, level and row.

    5. Updates and Special Offers

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    With our app, you’ll enjoy all of the latest updates on attractions, schedule changes, special offers and special events!

    The best part is the Official Universal Orlando Resort App is FREE for you to download. Get it now for your iPhone or Android device and start planning your vacation today.

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